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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


To turn one's attention to the center of what many would say and that is the mind and the senses along  with the emotions are the center of being. Have you ever thought ;about self and what self is all about or ask the question of yourself; what is brain and what is MIND? To help answer this I look to myself for I know me, having taken the time to get to know myself. The mind to me is some center of the being of who and what I am, what I am to be and what I must become for staying on the path of working to do the impossible.
In this mind center is operations that come together from all areas of the body, yet for me it is more than just the day to day operations it is also the center of more than one for creativity. It's like a area of nothingness where the clouds of creation come together to produce or come up with the ideal idea.