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Thursday, March 28, 2013

START---Continue---Being Creative

From research it has been found that creativity sells it's self to the mind of others and even more so if the creativity is postive in it's self. Working to stay positive and to day after day work in some way to Overcome the advantage that Imp has in this reality. To me Imp is a true friend and that is why I wrote that you must work at seeing first what is good about someone, too many see first what is wrong. Should you find the right dictionary you will be presented with a picture of Imp himself. He's Imp, I'm Possible we are a team. He makes a lot of things impossible to others and a lot of things possible to me.
I have been on this path for along time going along sharing my ideas, concepts, in any way to help bring about positive change for the world, in the world, along with people of this world. Yes, the key is to find fault for not trying. Every thing I do or don't do brings me closer to the beauty of every thing about life. At a young age, to be told about everlasting life and anyone had the chance to have it for themselves. I want to find out while I'm alive or is it just some body else making promises that they can't keep. Every body trying to be Leader, Every body making promises they can't keep. Jesus went where there was no path yet, he left a trail.
People come to the river of life and just jump in and go with the flow, for the longest time I have been going with the struggle, the weariness. To attained that which was there for anyone to own, to have.Yes, the world can go in what ever direction it wants to and take as many people with it that wants to take that trip. That is one trip I don't want to take. Imp and I went this way.