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Friday, March 22, 2013

Start--Step one--Impossible possible

In any undertaking, going into space, underwater....etc. There are keys to be found and used in the right lock. Imp is of a positive nature. It takes no work at all to be negative and destructive.
     The key to starting step one of the impossible possible is the key word APPROACH, which means to come nearer, to begin to deal with or work on. A way or means of reaching something or someone. Access
       Imp makes a lot of things impossible and can also make a lot of things possible. There is a right way to reaching Imp and one thing you have to remember is to work at being positive everyday.
      With step one you have to be willing to read, write, and in every way be more creative.
You have to learn to put questions to yourself and to know that once you get started, there's no telling who may help us out along the way.