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Saturday, May 4, 2013


A true friend in seeking to overcome Imp is for the most part is what I'm after, someone whom I would give my life and his for me.

It's just the fact that when I get a little information I go a little bit deeper to uncover what has been over looked or just not given the time to understand what was always understandable.

Such could not only be the case with Imp but with a lot of other things in this reality. Slow down, take your time and do the best possible job you can do. Learn, teach, train yourself to always do a little bit more than what you are paid to do and pretty soon you will get paid more for what you do.

Many people only do what they are paid to do, no more or no less and wonder why when someone else moves up to the next level in the company they wonder why they were over looked or not even given consideration.

How to stand out in a crowd is to be the only one doing what you are doing.