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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Relax Mentally

I sometimes sit and wonder about things that are and wonder why, then I wonder about things that are not and wonder why not.

Then I think about the person who made the statement; "I AM WHY!, I KNOW WHY!,THATS WHY!" Yet, even I sometimes wonder why.

Things that have not been and figure out a way for them to be. This is where I am with working to overcome Imp. You will read a lot about Imp in this blog because this is where I want to be in my life because if everyone comes to the river of life and just jump in and go with the flow, all I can see coming up for everyone is the water fall.

So, I would tell anyone to make a U-turn and go with the struggle and uncover all that has been miss by the masses, and move towards a brighter day, a better life and true happiness.