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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Do you want the best things out life?   Do you want the best that life has to offer?  Do you want to find a cure for cancer?  Do you want to be successful and have fame and fortune?  Do you want a promotion?   Do you want to be your own boss?  Do you want to get married?  Do you want the best for your child?  Do you want to live forever?  Do you want power?  Do you want to be a teacher?

Yes, one must know what one wants and then not be afraid of the work it takes to attain that which is sought. As for me I want to be in the position to be able to do the Impossible at any given time and in as many ways as possible. I may share some of my ideas with you the reader but I have ideas that I put into action and I do this everyday in some way.

To earn the friendship of one who has been so long misunderstood and even feared. I'm talking about Imp, who is his own person with the advantage. I am beyond I can, I will.