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Thursday, May 16, 2013

More BIMI----continue

To see, talk to and interact with people who are in a mental rut, why are they in this rut is because of their career choices and how they have come to live their lives.

 Their BIMI (Brain, Intellect, Mind, Intelligence) is on cruise control, with most of their mental faculties concern with only gossip, bullshit, and lies. This is something that a lot of people spend most of their time concern with and all that is nothing but mental garbage.

These people spend most of their time wishing for a better tomorrow and for someone else to bring it about for them. That's why these people need someone like you and me to bring these things to light and to make and apply corrections.

Work to get people to change themselves and be a innovative productive member of Society, with the thought that they can help others and in helping others they help themselves.

It always come down to the people and not the ones in authority for a lot of people in positions of authority are not qualified to be in that position.