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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Another day comes to a close and all is right with ME, MYSELF, IMP and I as we without a sound work to bring a future into focus and stay in focus. The positive, the very impossible possible, the gold mine, the mother load, all that is needed is for someone who knows how to do the mining.

It has been with me for the longest time the thought of someone reading my ideas, thoughts that have to be shared, and in some way touch them. I started out just to help myself and the impossible possibilities develop of helping others feel the positive, the happy feeling and work to also share this around the world.

Imp has his own way of helping people, only those who are working in the right direction of helping as many others on this planet in as many ways as possible. You will become aware of him, yet to accept him as a true friend is not as easy as it sounds. You see Imp is filled with wisdom, knowledge, understanding.