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Monday, May 27, 2013

action taken with ideas

Everyday day in, day out, working at, thinking, doing the positive and the possible. I have ideas that I put into action like one sheet of paper that I call street sheet where I put affirmations on the front page and have what I call the back page where I sell ad space on. Yes, you want to be successful and make it to the top you must take someone with you.

So I hope people who visit this blog get what ever help it offers.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


To help me to stay focus and to get to where you are trying to go. You must rid yourself of all of the mental garbage. The lies, untruths, half truths, fairy tales, gossip, and the like. Any information that is of no value in your efforts to be come a new age innovator. Hey, we can do this, you can do this! you can do any thing that you want to as the saying goes; ' Any thing you put your mind to or this case your BIMI (Brain, Intellect, Mind, Intelligence) to you can do.'

Always follow through and do not even think  about giving up. Because others are out there in the world striving to reach the next level just like you. There is nothing wrong with trying to reach the first level of perfection.

Friday, May 24, 2013

living and learning---

In seeking knowledge and understanding it will take you around the world a thousand times and bring you right to the place you started. All the time you are growing in knowledge, wisdom and also understanding.

Thursday, May 23, 2013







Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MORE STOP CRIME----continue--

People don't take time to really think about crime until it happens to them, then they want the government to take action or they take action themselves. The government offers different laws and build more prison to try and curtail crime but it is not helping and they know this.

So if one approach is not working try a different one. Send people to prison and give them the real chance to become a productive member of society. The inmates are feed up with the life of always looking out for the police and going back and forth to jail and prison.

A majority feel that they are in darkness and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. So they make do with what they have to try and survive. Someone should work to bring light to the darkness that they feel they are in.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GOALS and the next level---one

Do not set goals for your self that is not good enough for the job you are trying to do. Instead see yourself as moving from one level to the next and there is always the next level.

Be it for improvement of one's self, mind, and spirit. there is no time like right now in making corrections in one's self and how one views the world. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

WALK THE WALK---ONE --continue

Once you take to the path of working to make the Impossible Possible, you will be amazed at what you may think or the ideas that you come up with and produce. As I stated you must be willing to read to learn, write down your ideas, and doing plenty of creative thinking.

To day after day, day in and day out, think, write, work at, the positive and the possible is where I would like a lot of people to be. Join in with the new age innovators, who see the world  in a different light.

We know within ourselves that the world can be saved from it's self by those who know what they would like the world to be and see that potential, and taking steps to develop that potential.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A New Day---one

Each new day brings with it the chance to make this day a little bit better than the last and it also gives you the chance to get to know yourself a little bit more.

As the saying goes what the world needs is love that is for the benefit of everyone. Right now I do not concern myself with what people may think about what I do or may do. I have worked to overcome my fears and I would like for everyone to be in this place.

So, when you rise in the morning give thanks to who ever for the day and the chance to  make the world a better place. Do not be like a lot of people and throw money at the thought that money will make a difference when it may not. Use your mind to come up with or produce ideas that the world can make use of.

Be of the few who do not take for granted of waking up every morning because these are the ones who have an enlighten mind.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


To be able to follow instructions to the letter or you are able to work without supervision is a big plus on your way to becoming a new age Innovator.
The next level to this would be to learn to instruct yourself in the way of coming up with ideas, putting them into action, getting the all important feed back.
It is the hope here and all through this blog is to try and get people thinking in a new, different, even developing an original concept or approach.

Friday, May 17, 2013



OVERCOMING Imp in IMPOSSIBLE to make a lot of things POSSIBLE.
The key is to find fault for not trying. All ideas are valuable and should be recorded. Then put into practice.
An idea is like a child you first give birth to the idea in your mind.
READ TO LEARN! Every writer, no matter how many words they write what they are trying to say, could come down to ONE PHRASE, ONE SENTENCE, ONE PARAGRAPH.
INNOVATION means to introduce something new. A new idea, method or device.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Get the poor, those living at the poverty level and below the poverty level to donate $2 a month to THE POOR PEOPLES FUND. When you think about it these people have extra income to try and relax and enjoy life.

A trust that is used to generate new income for those who donated from all over the country.

The possible benefits to be had by the many. There would be little talk of the poor getting poorer. A very good beginning to a possible way of solving many problems.

This could be set up in the way the Salvation Army and the Red Cross operates  in the way that the money earned by THE POOR PEOPLES FUND is returned to those who donate. You must also earn the people's TRUST. 

More BIMI----continue

To see, talk to and interact with people who are in a mental rut, why are they in this rut is because of their career choices and how they have come to live their lives.

 Their BIMI (Brain, Intellect, Mind, Intelligence) is on cruise control, with most of their mental faculties concern with only gossip, bullshit, and lies. This is something that a lot of people spend most of their time concern with and all that is nothing but mental garbage.

These people spend most of their time wishing for a better tomorrow and for someone else to bring it about for them. That's why these people need someone like you and me to bring these things to light and to make and apply corrections.

Work to get people to change themselves and be a innovative productive member of Society, with the thought that they can help others and in helping others they help themselves.

It always come down to the people and not the ones in authority for a lot of people in positions of authority are not qualified to be in that position.


One thing that stands out for Imp and I is how we look at work; Work is fun, Work is play, Everything is going to pay off. You only get out of it what you put into it, as you learn to think in new ways for getting done what you need to do.

Working to spread the word about the Impossible Possible with the hope that someone out there will understand that this information must be shared for the hopes of humanity. Will not anyone join me on this journey to the freedom that everyone say they crave.

We only hope to get people to start in the right direction for making corrections in a world that needs as much help as they can get. It is up to us the few who are not afraid of the unknown, yet face the unknown to overcome our own many weaknesses. When will the world realize that we must all come together to save ourselves, and to ensure the future for all that follows along this path.

So many afraid to take the first step towards enjoying free will as this is the gift to all in this reality, not only for human kind, but even in the animal kingdom they enjoy free will, and with this stated Imp and I move on.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Idea number----10--1

A small business stock market with the chance for the small business to sell shares in their business. To qualify each business must have yearly sales in excess of 250,000 dollars, with minimum of 25 employees.

To not know that much about the stock market yet to have some idea to offer to hopefully fill a need and help people find a job or to produce more income for the private sector.

All of your ideas may not be that good but it gets you going with either producing more ideas or fine tuning the ideas you do have.

To only concern yourself with what you are working on is to stay focus and really get things done, for you are not alone let me tell you.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


With Imp and I the best and proper approach is to see the disease as a living being. In an improper reality, an imperfect reality everything that is alive eat some kind of food and take in some kind liquid in order to survive.

This being so the disease produces some kind of waste. So seeing that as a weakness in all life in this reality; to take advantage of any form of life may not be what a lot people would agree with yet for the sake of the many. This would be the step to start others on the way to overcoming their own weaknesses.

More positive--one

To know and understand that any idea or activity that is of positive origins and fueled by more positive input will invariably produce positive outcomes. That is to say the more you do of what you have done the more you have of what you got.

To go through everyday thinking the positive and the possible and also working at the possible and the positive. Who is to say where I may end up in my attempts to overcome Imp with the thought of helping as many people as possible.

In reading this blog you may read time and time again that I work at this to help as many people in as many ways as possible.

The only true success and this requires plenty of self knowledge, "To be able to live your life in your own way."

Monday, May 13, 2013

Help for juveniles--one--

Motivational Speaking Sessions for juveniles. This course will be design for juveniles ranging in age from 14 to age 20. The length of the course is to be from 10 to 15 sessions lasting 45 minutes with a 15 minute questions and answers.

At the end of each session each person is given a flyer with one word from the dictionary along with the definition. These sessions would be beneficial to the juveniles in a number of ways.

From dealing with peer pressure to handling depression, getting along better with family and becoming a better student, to learning what the world is all about.

They also will learn about themselves and others who share in this type of positive motivation.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A One Page Short Story--Creative Writing--

It's the true Spud Webb making a slam dunk in another court, taking the crowd with him. WOW! Where did that other basketball court come from?
Only to make a turn around jump shot back in the other court to nail it. Shattering the back board with the long range jumper, hitting nothing but net with the Neutron Bomb Ball. Spud Webb known to hit from just about anywhere.
Ladies and Gents! It's Spud Webb on the court, Simply Amazing on the bench taking notes. The small forward takes up position on the back of the back board. Raven the THREE MILLION DOLLAR center comes in at half court sitting down. The Big Time Power Forward
Hard Body steps onto the court. Webb; 'I think I better give it to her she's going to hit.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


The teachings of my Mother now becomes clear and thoughts of my Mother's love have to me become very dear. For with a Mother's Love for support the child can face the world without fear.
A Mother's love can reach out and touch the child far and near. Every thing the child achieves the Mother holds dear.
She represents all that is family, Father, Sister, Brother, all this and more can be seen in the eyes and heart of Mother. A BETTER LIFE is hers to have because she has shown unending Love to the child She bared.
Now I bow my head and give thanks for Mother for I will never have another, Mother. 

Something that works----

When you take  time to consider or think about it, is the fact that WATER makes  everything in this reality possible. Yes, water makes everything works for human kind, the animal kingdom, the life in the water ways and the oceans.

Human kind seems to be so caught up in the facts that burning is the best way to get things done, to produce energy, so your car will move, making steel are just a few examples.

Here is the thought, that water is a form of energy that maybe water have other uses than what it is use for now. 'Question'--- How and why does water make so many things possible?

Again, learn to put questions to yourself about a lot of things that the majority of people take for granted. Look around and look for what makes a lot of other things possible.

Friday, May 10, 2013


  1. OPEN THOUGHT---How to reverse the concept of aging and time on and in the human body from the inside out.
  2. Open Thought ----Can it be that the negative is the positive going in reverse.
  3. OPEN Thought----Does Tobacco have a weakness? It gets everything it needs from Mother Earth, yet is very negative and destructive to the human body.
  4. OPEN THOUGHT----To not celebrate too much in this life, to save the big party for the release from death it's self.
  5. Open Thought-----"Become or be as good as the best and better than the rest.

Help The Mentally ill---

Here now again we bring to the fore front the BIMI, (Brain, Intellect, Mind, Intelligence),  a new way of looking at mental illness. You must seek understanding not in what has for a long time been guess work in dealing with the BIMI.

Most of the mentally ill have gone through a life changing experience and have not taken the time to examine the How, What, When, and Where. The secret of understanding the BIMI is to take a look at what is at what is fact and what is guess work. Like right now my mind is moving faster than my fingers on the key pad, sometimes three or four words ahead of what I'm typing. 

To study the BIMI as a whole or in part to better grasp the operation of it in the daily mode and in the night mode. No one on this planet can say that they have the right treatment angle in dealing with a mental illness, that's because they have not taken the time to get to know their own BIMI. It seems that we learn as we go along because no one has the vision to know what is coming up next.

Imp and I think that for mentally ill people the approach is to get them to be honest about their own illness and learn first to trust themselves about how they came to be in the situation they are in.

Because there is not true normal in the sense of the word, we can not expect the mentally ill to be like what society would say is acceptable because we do not take the time to do a good job.

To come to depend on the pills that have untold side effects and the like, with the mental health doctors only spending as little time as possible with the mentally ill person thinking they can come up with proper approach just by talking and asking questions that are only important to them. How can you help someone if you are afraid of being alone in the same room with them.

Moving on---

As time goes by you will encounter others who will envy your positiveness and will not want to spend to much time with you. Yet, you should carry on and get the most out of everyday as in not taking everyday you wake up for granted.

Yes, there are people out in the world who don't know how to get started at being positive because of the way of the world. You should prepare yourself everyday for the negative that you will encounter as you go through your daily tasks. Learn to let the negative flow over, around you like water.

There can be no let down in wanting to be positive and to believe that all that is considered impossible is possible to the person who thinks not only of himself but of others also.

Refuse to accept limits and reach for the stars where there seem to be no limits to the seeking mind which wants freedom not only for themselves but others also.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


  • Good Morning!
  • Have a nice day!
  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • Enjoy your weekend!
  • Enjoy your vacation!
  • Do you need help with that?
  • Nice day we are having!
Interacting with people on as many levels in as many ways as possible with the little things that help them get through the day and to remind them that there are good people around.

Speaking to someone as you pass them on the streets, or saying thank you to someone can in some cases mean the difference between a good day, night or what have you, for them.

In some cases you maybe able to also offer help in other ways that in many ways take only a little of your time. Now, may your life be as happy and as bright, filled with all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. 


Do you want the best things out life?   Do you want the best that life has to offer?  Do you want to find a cure for cancer?  Do you want to be successful and have fame and fortune?  Do you want a promotion?   Do you want to be your own boss?  Do you want to get married?  Do you want the best for your child?  Do you want to live forever?  Do you want power?  Do you want to be a teacher?

Yes, one must know what one wants and then not be afraid of the work it takes to attain that which is sought. As for me I want to be in the position to be able to do the Impossible at any given time and in as many ways as possible. I may share some of my ideas with you the reader but I have ideas that I put into action and I do this everyday in some way.

To earn the friendship of one who has been so long misunderstood and even feared. I'm talking about Imp, who is his own person with the advantage. I am beyond I can, I will.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slow down--Look around---

While the rest of the world speeds along with Internet, Television, and Telephone; Imp and I along with other new age innovators look in the opposite direction and other directions to find that which has been over looked for the sake of profit.

The world today looks for ways to get people to spend money. What happen to the days where the thought was to teach people to save money?

Yes, the rabbits speed on to what or where they do not know, they are just going, not taking the time to realize that for every action there is an equal reaction. Again here is where the most successful people in this century will be the ones who see things from all angles and develop the right approach to fill a need or provide a useful service.

Ask yourself this question; "What I would like the world to be or what would you like to see in this world and start now in bringing these things about." 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Another day comes to a close and all is right with ME, MYSELF, IMP and I as we without a sound work to bring a future into focus and stay in focus. The positive, the very impossible possible, the gold mine, the mother load, all that is needed is for someone who knows how to do the mining.

It has been with me for the longest time the thought of someone reading my ideas, thoughts that have to be shared, and in some way touch them. I started out just to help myself and the impossible possibilities develop of helping others feel the positive, the happy feeling and work to also share this around the world.

Imp has his own way of helping people, only those who are working in the right direction of helping as many others on this planet in as many ways as possible. You will become aware of him, yet to accept him as a true friend is not as easy as it sounds. You see Imp is filled with wisdom, knowledge, understanding.

Go for it--1

When you try, try, try, and it still seems that you are not moving closer to your goals, do not give up and sink into the pool of the masses never to be heard from or to know your true potential.

What you must do is to get away from the problem or idea to relax your BIMI;(BRAIN, INTELLECT, MIND, INTELLIGENCE), with other sources of stimuli in order not to get your BIMI into a rut.

There will be more information on the BIMI coming up and it is my hope that you find the answers and solutions that you are seeking in the reading of this blog.

In this age of the fast and the quick, only the well prepared will rise to the top of the heap and the well prepared are the ones who take things just a little bit slower than everyone else.

Monday, May 6, 2013

DAY TO DAY---continue

Everyday I wake up I try to think of a way to use my creative ability to reach out and touch someone in a positive way. As the saying goes, "Should you get one person to make one positive change or do some good for someone then you have did a good job."

This is an approach I think everyone should try on a daily basis as they go through their lives to try and help make the world a better place.

I hear it all the time or I say it all the time that there are plenty of good people out there in the world who do good all the time yet, go unnoticed. To not be able to understand that when you do good in a lot of cases you are not given the attention that comes when you do wrong.

Let me tell you that doing good for others leave you with a good feeling through and through, to get someone to smile, laugh, or sing for the joy of it all. I can not say enough about doing good and the rewards that can be yours.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Relax Mentally

I sometimes sit and wonder about things that are and wonder why, then I wonder about things that are not and wonder why not.

Then I think about the person who made the statement; "I AM WHY!, I KNOW WHY!,THATS WHY!" Yet, even I sometimes wonder why.

Things that have not been and figure out a way for them to be. This is where I am with working to overcome Imp. You will read a lot about Imp in this blog because this is where I want to be in my life because if everyone comes to the river of life and just jump in and go with the flow, all I can see coming up for everyone is the water fall.

So, I would tell anyone to make a U-turn and go with the struggle and uncover all that has been miss by the masses, and move towards a brighter day, a better life and true happiness.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


A true friend in seeking to overcome Imp is for the most part is what I'm after, someone whom I would give my life and his for me.

It's just the fact that when I get a little information I go a little bit deeper to uncover what has been over looked or just not given the time to understand what was always understandable.

Such could not only be the case with Imp but with a lot of other things in this reality. Slow down, take your time and do the best possible job you can do. Learn, teach, train yourself to always do a little bit more than what you are paid to do and pretty soon you will get paid more for what you do.

Many people only do what they are paid to do, no more or no less and wonder why when someone else moves up to the next level in the company they wonder why they were over looked or not even given consideration.

How to stand out in a crowd is to be the only one doing what you are doing.   


As I strive towards the positive and the possible the world seems to move slower, giving one the chance to take it all in. The day to day changes, the comings and goings of the people, the ones on top and the ones in the middle, finally to the people on the bottom of the pole.

There is only so much I am able to do such as what I'm doing now trying to bring attention to the hardships of many in my own way, at the same time helping myself to overcome Imp. In doing so I have to think the positive, the possible at all times, work to share my ideas, insights, wisdom, knowledge and the information about as much good as I possibly can. 

Reaching out in the hopes of getting people to think, and take some kind of action to help make the world a better place. This is never far from my mind at any given time of day, many people need or look for someone to take that first step and right now I may be that person.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Keep Going----

When it seems that everyone else has given up on you that's the time to pull up your boots and move ahead. You do this even when you know that it's going to be a lonely road that you will be traveling.

Yes, it's one of those times that I find comfort in the written word where I work to make it possible through the written word to spread happy feelings all over the world.

May your days be bright, sunny and merry and may the stars in the night give you soul flight.


When you can day after day produce the positive in a negative environment to the point that you shape and form your environment.

Once you start on the path of the positive and the possible, you should know that anything you achieve is for the benefit of the many and not the few.

I'm pretty sure anyone can look around where they are at right now and see problems that need to be solved and questions that could use some answers. Yes, where you are at right now could be where you, your talents maybe really needed.

Learn to record your ideas everyday in some fashion by writing them down in a little note book, on your computer, just allow the idea to be born into this reality, in other words, give the idea a chance. You can always make changes, add to the idea as time goes by, while the idea goes from one level of development to the next level.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Good Idea---

One good idea is all you need in order to attain success in any endeavor be it writing, creating ideas, being an innovator or what have you. The fast food concept is only an idea that was discovered by the right person who went on to be so successful that there are more than one imitator.

Out of all the ideas you may generate there will be one or in some cases more than one that will serve you needs. Start with the best idea and work from there in solving some problem or filling some important need.

You must also give yourself time to yourself in order to do much clear thinking, yes some periods of alone time to clear your mind and to get to know yourself better.

We can do the impossible--

Taking on the tasks involved to doing, making the impossible possible in just about everything we attempt, is for the few of humanity who are smart and those leaning towards intellectualism. 

Smart as definition number eight in the dictionary states; " Having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability."

As for Intellectualism; "A devotion to intellectual pursuits. The exercise of the intellect."

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


To earnestly seek guidance in making decisions is to be seeking the gift of WISDOM. Also to study and ask for, seek understanding of that which you learn from people, books of all kinds you are seeking the gift of KNOWLEDGE.


Early Morning Idea--

A GOOD NEWS NEWSPAPER! This paper will go around the world to collect human interest stories and news that once you read it you get a good feeling through and through. Information that tells of good things happening to good people. In other words, this paper will have pictures of smiling faces and showing people doing good.

This paper can be publish world wide with the help of people e-mailing or using snail mail to send in the stories and pictures. Yes,, the positive and the possible, people overcoming all types of adversity to go on and live a very productive life.

Yes, a paper who's objective is to spread the positive and news about what is or has been made possible by others,