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Monday, April 1, 2013

Continue--Step 1--Thinking--The BIMI

The Brain, Intellect, Mind, and Intelligence; Are they one in the same entity or are they separate with the brain being the physical and used only as the containment unit. To better understand, one must use the mind's eye to visit the Mind's control center.
     See in your mind's eye how your mental center operates and try to understand in what way you think. Do You think in pictures?, How do you see words or the very thoughts you are thinking right now. Not only must you learn to put questions to yourself, you must ask questions of yourself about yourself. Get to know how the mind works and you are well on your way to doing the impossible and Overcoming Imp.
      With the BIMI and working everyday to be more and more positive to better to be able to help others is something you can feel good about.