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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disease--New Approach--1

When it comes to having a disease and what to do about it in this reality is to change the approach. You must have more understanding than what is shown today in the medical society.
In order for a disease to survive it must have a host and get all of everything from it's host, in other words the disease is alive and wants to live just as much as it's host does. Then one approach other than the attempt to destroy the disease is to develop a medication that works at transforming the disease into a positive that benefits the host.

To do this you must have all available knowledge concerning the disease, working to develop a true understanding of the disease. Yes, work to get the disease to accept the medication as plus and not as a negative will bring light to ways a disease is treated.

I write this in hopes of people getting away from the invasive approach of cutting,operating and the like.