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Monday, April 22, 2013

Employ the HOMELESS--Sample concept--1

The thought is to give the homeless a chance to rise up out of their situation by helping themselves and society at the same time. Set up a designated location for The Homeless Recycling Program. This location is where the homeless report to every morning and are given coveralls and gloves and a ride to area where they will be collecting recyclables in different parts of the town or city.

They will have to go through garbage cans and dumpsters to gather the recyclables and do not have a fear of hard work. They will paid the going rate for hourly work and they will work an eight hour day, given lunch and leave the recyclables in containers to be pick up. The other work that they will do while collecting the recyclables is to separate the glass from the cans, the metal and so on.

In some cases you have to help people help themselves and this is a good way to get started. With this as a starting approach the homelessness of people would be in some areas a solved problem.