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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The future now---Step 1--

When I read comic books, science fiction, or watch Hollywood SI-FI movies and are given a glimpse or some insight into some dream of, or thought of new and innovative technology. I think to myself that should someone be able to think it and dream it. There should be someone some where that should be able to bring these thing into reality.
Like I stated before, there are people in this world who need only a good start to get going, this could be you or someone you know. What is needed now more than ever is innovative new energy sources and in order to develop these new energy sources, one must set a course and stick to it. Yes, read comic books, science fiction, and read to learn, for here is an EXAMPLE: From one reading of a science fiction book it was presented that water itself could be used as energy source for engine thrust in the void, this energy source could go with out being depleted or having to be recharged.