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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Freedom of Spirit and Mind---1

Working to Overcome Imp, I'm working to be free of limitations and not get caught up in what someone else is doing. Human kind has long ago set limits for themselves and now is the time for Enlighten minds to move forward to help save human kind from themselves. Where I seek to go with Imp is the beginnings of things to come and these new inventions, concepts, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and most important of all, understanding is coming to the people of the world even should the world not be ready for it all. We do not concern ourselves with the end or the destruction of things, only the beginning and to carry it beyond all human limitations.
Do not put limits on what you may be capable of doing, because of these self imposed limitations you may miss or over look some important information or never reach that level of understanding that would fit right in with what you are trying to accomplish. Do not be like so many who are too busy shining in their own spotlight, trying to make history. We busy ourselves with the forming and the shaping of the future.