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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Proper Anger Management----One-

Have you ever said or heard someone say; he/she makes me so mad/angry. Should you give into this type of thinking then you are letting something or someone outside of yourself influence and control you. The best advice is to get use to people letting you down and disappointing you.
You are what you want to be and no one can do what you can do, so don't look for others to make you happy. This insight came to me in a moment of self awareness and just like me, once you become aware it's a whole new game. Self awareness begins in early childhood as one becomes aware of your own body and surroundings, yet self awareness is not carried to the years of teenage and adult years. This is because one has chose a path that one can relate too, and this path is what is followed until what many people go through a life changing experience. It is then that one seeks to understand and a majority of people choose not to try to understand but try to forget and move on.
This is not the right way to go about making your life better because you should take time to examine your mistakes and learn from them.