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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Innovator---1

To be or to become a creative innovator on the path of original thinking is not for the shy and the timid. One must not be afraid to share one's ideas in the effort it takes to get the idea to go main stream.
From personal experience in dealing with new ideas and people in general, the notion is to say they are open to new ideas yet, they are really not acceptable to the idea or ideas until they (the ideas) go main stream.
Then you have those who jump at anything that is presented by someone in the position of authority who introduces a new concept, idea, product, device, as something they can not do without.
Should you be one of the many people who does not have their own dream, vision, or idea, then you tend to be caught up in some one's else dream, vision or idea. So enters people like myself who do not accept or believe that everything under the sun has been done. Those who work for and reach for that which can only be known as and accepted as originality.