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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More Work---

When you find yourself up to all hours of night trying to get what you are working on just right. Then you are in what creative people call the zone and you should go with it for when you get it together the rewards are great.

To many this is something new this zone thing, yet it is one of the most productive times you can come to know when ideas flow more freely and are easy to grasp and bring into this reality. Some have to prepare themselves for going into the zone and get rid of all distractions, the phone, T.V., and the like. This is because you want to concentrate on the ideas you will generate at this time when everyone else is asleep.

This is the time you will only focus on what your mind is trying to accomplish, not on what you have to do the next day. You should have a special location that you retire too, to get this work done because only you can do what you know to yourself to be possible.

Remember that anything your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

Keep trying---continue

When you come to a point with an idea or concept and you feel that you are not getting the results that you are after and you want give up, remember this; (Do not be like the person who quit to soon, just three feet short of the mother load.)

I have had times like this and to keep myself going all I had to do was look around at the way the world is today and what I wanted the world to be was enough to keep me going. That and the thought of meeting Imp, what I call a true friend providing I was willing to do the hard work of overcoming Imp.

Like so many things in this world, Imp, I think has for the longest time been misunderstood and waiting for someone to come along with the right approach to unlock the key to the mother load.

Yes I must keep going as all of you who read this blog and share the information that I'm trying so hard to get across.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Change--and more change

Change is inevitable and even more so in this reality. You are making changes and going through changes in your mind as you read this. When you make changes for the better this is good to you and good for you.
Everyday you are face with changes and you deal with them without breaking a sweat as you go through your day. That's because you are able to adapt and you accept these changes as a way of life, no matter who brought about the change or how the change occurred.
Some of these changes will bring you into contact with new knowledge and maybe give some insight into more understanding of the world you live in but you must be open to this and when it happens, you must take a moment to think and make mental notes to yourself.
Everyday brings about change as things may have change overnight some time, somewhere in the world. Greet each day ready for the changes you may have to face and the changes you may have to make during the day.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


On being positive, try greeting each day (morning) with a smile and learn to not take life here in this reality for granted. Also try some of what we call soul searching, while you are in bed waiting to fall a sleep, try recalling to yourself everything you have ever done in your life as far back as you can remember. Your thoughts at the time something happen to make you do this instead of that, your mistakes, everything.

This is one way to get to know yourself better and turn things around and help you on the path to a better and more productive person. Yes, slow to anger and quicker still with a smile, a warm firm handshake.

Teach yourself and learn the secret of always doing more than you are paid to do and true relationships, true friends and more shall be yours.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doing it well---one

Take it one step at a time, with doing one thing at a time and doing that one well or better yet "Very Well!"
 So it is with my approach to doing and maintaining this blog, we (Imp & I) like things that not only work but work very well to the point of perfection.
Working towards excellence at the pace of a turtle and then and only then will you get things rite(write, right, wright)

To have an ideal SOCIETY one must never stray far from the thought of helping as many people as possible in as many places as possible around this big beautiful world.

Five Fears To OverCome---one

  1. FEAR OF ILL HEALTH; (This is why insurance companies make so much money.)
  4. FEAR OF CRITICISM; (This fear keeps a lot of people from even trying.)
  5. FEAR OF POVERTY; (Here again, maybe it's the lack of money.)
Again, I stress here that once you become aware you on the way to uncovering your true self.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dare to dream--

Yes, we dare to dream the impossible dream and reach for the unreachable stars.
Do not be like so many who say; "I did not ask to be here!" Everyone who is born as one wise man once stated that each of us have a book of their own future.
Take time to uncover and read your book to discover your true self and your true calling in this life. A majority of people come to the river of life and just jump in and go with the flow. The real  test of what you are made of is to make a u-turn and go with the struggle and the weariness to reach that which you would call paradise.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Innovator---1

To be or to become a creative innovator on the path of original thinking is not for the shy and the timid. One must not be afraid to share one's ideas in the effort it takes to get the idea to go main stream.
From personal experience in dealing with new ideas and people in general, the notion is to say they are open to new ideas yet, they are really not acceptable to the idea or ideas until they (the ideas) go main stream.
Then you have those who jump at anything that is presented by someone in the position of authority who introduces a new concept, idea, product, device, as something they can not do without.
Should you be one of the many people who does not have their own dream, vision, or idea, then you tend to be caught up in some one's else dream, vision or idea. So enters people like myself who do not accept or believe that everything under the sun has been done. Those who work for and reach for that which can only be known as and accepted as originality.


  1. Thinking is hard work.
  2. Survival is hard work.
  3. Manual Labor is hard work.
  4. Raising kids is hard work.
  5. Working at being positive day in and day out is hard work.
  6. Maintaining this blog is hard work.
  7. Being Creative on a daily basis is hard work.
  8. Having a happy, helpful relationship is hard work.
Should you be one who visit this blog in hopes of finding an instantaneous answer, solution to your problem or what ever it is you are trying to accomplish without any work on your part, then this blog is not for you. Maybe you are one who envision the day where machines do everything for you from thinking for you and even making you happy, then this blog is not for you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


To be true visionary, one must have vision that includes all of the people and not just a select few or those that have a clean criminal record. That vision must be of benefit to those in the prisons and the mental hospitals for they all have families or a majority of them do have families.
The vision must be to set/get things right, make corrections where needed, so as to benefit all of SOCIETY. In this day and age, all they can come up with in their eyes to fight crime is to build more prisons and for the mentally ill, prescribe more medication without really understanding what is first wrong.
It is quite clear to me and maybe to plenty of others that these are not the correct answers and solutions to the problems. So we feel it's time to rethink a lot of what has been done in the past and develop a new approach. Again I can not express the importance of having the proper approach to solving a lot problems and being as creative as is possible.

Proper Anger Management----One-

Have you ever said or heard someone say; he/she makes me so mad/angry. Should you give into this type of thinking then you are letting something or someone outside of yourself influence and control you. The best advice is to get use to people letting you down and disappointing you.
You are what you want to be and no one can do what you can do, so don't look for others to make you happy. This insight came to me in a moment of self awareness and just like me, once you become aware it's a whole new game. Self awareness begins in early childhood as one becomes aware of your own body and surroundings, yet self awareness is not carried to the years of teenage and adult years. This is because one has chose a path that one can relate too, and this path is what is followed until what many people go through a life changing experience. It is then that one seeks to understand and a majority of people choose not to try to understand but try to forget and move on.
This is not the right way to go about making your life better because you should take time to examine your mistakes and learn from them.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


When looking at the word impossible and to see possible in this word, I thought who put the first two letters in front of possible. So, that started me on my path to overcome Imp and to uncover other word secrets.

Here's another example; To look at the word HEALTH, should you drop the t and h you get heal and this is what we (Imp and I) think health care should be called, "HEALING CARE," AND NOT HEALTH CARE. There are other words that would provide good examples of what we call word secrets. One other thing to remember is people have a lot of trouble with words, should they look at the written word as a tool then they would be much better off.

Disease--New Approach--1

When it comes to having a disease and what to do about it in this reality is to change the approach. You must have more understanding than what is shown today in the medical society.
In order for a disease to survive it must have a host and get all of everything from it's host, in other words the disease is alive and wants to live just as much as it's host does. Then one approach other than the attempt to destroy the disease is to develop a medication that works at transforming the disease into a positive that benefits the host.

To do this you must have all available knowledge concerning the disease, working to develop a true understanding of the disease. Yes, work to get the disease to accept the medication as plus and not as a negative will bring light to ways a disease is treated.

I write this in hopes of people getting away from the invasive approach of cutting,operating and the like.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Producing The positive---1

When you get to the point that you can feel, produce, the positive everyday in some way to help others even in a negative environment then you are on the path to excellence. This path is for the brave of heart and those who are not easily fearful of the unknown. Because perfection and excellence is the unknown in an other wise imperfect world. Yes, to rise above the masses to be free to know that what you are trying to do or in this case, what you will do, what you will accomplish shall be accepted by all who come in contact with your finish product, results.

Employ the HOMELESS--Sample concept--1

The thought is to give the homeless a chance to rise up out of their situation by helping themselves and society at the same time. Set up a designated location for The Homeless Recycling Program. This location is where the homeless report to every morning and are given coveralls and gloves and a ride to area where they will be collecting recyclables in different parts of the town or city.

They will have to go through garbage cans and dumpsters to gather the recyclables and do not have a fear of hard work. They will paid the going rate for hourly work and they will work an eight hour day, given lunch and leave the recyclables in containers to be pick up. The other work that they will do while collecting the recyclables is to separate the glass from the cans, the metal and so on.

In some cases you have to help people help themselves and this is a good way to get started. With this as a starting approach the homelessness of people would be in some areas a solved problem.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Freedom of Spirit and Mind---1

Working to Overcome Imp, I'm working to be free of limitations and not get caught up in what someone else is doing. Human kind has long ago set limits for themselves and now is the time for Enlighten minds to move forward to help save human kind from themselves. Where I seek to go with Imp is the beginnings of things to come and these new inventions, concepts, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and most important of all, understanding is coming to the people of the world even should the world not be ready for it all. We do not concern ourselves with the end or the destruction of things, only the beginning and to carry it beyond all human limitations.
Do not put limits on what you may be capable of doing, because of these self imposed limitations you may miss or over look some important information or never reach that level of understanding that would fit right in with what you are trying to accomplish. Do not be like so many who are too busy shining in their own spotlight, trying to make history. We busy ourselves with the forming and the shaping of the future.

The future now---Step 1--

When I read comic books, science fiction, or watch Hollywood SI-FI movies and are given a glimpse or some insight into some dream of, or thought of new and innovative technology. I think to myself that should someone be able to think it and dream it. There should be someone some where that should be able to bring these thing into reality.
Like I stated before, there are people in this world who need only a good start to get going, this could be you or someone you know. What is needed now more than ever is innovative new energy sources and in order to develop these new energy sources, one must set a course and stick to it. Yes, read comic books, science fiction, and read to learn, for here is an EXAMPLE: From one reading of a science fiction book it was presented that water itself could be used as energy source for engine thrust in the void, this energy source could go with out being depleted or having to be recharged. 

Friday, April 19, 2013


In order to reach the level of understanding that is attainable to anyone on this planet, you must rid yourself and by this I mean the BIMI, of the mind garbage of half truths, fairy tales, lies, untruths and the like to find your way to doing the Impossible. I'm writing about what I know and have learned in this life. You come to and read this blog because you want the truth about the positive and the possible, this is what I'm trying so hard to get across because I know that Imp is real and is a true friend. To create the ideal life in a world of negativism is truly possible as long you work towards that with the thought of helping as many people as possible and that can readily turn out to be everyone.


There has never been a time when I did not feel inspired to create and many times I find myself missing a lot of sleep because of the fact that those who achieve those levels of success that others can only dream of, work while others sleep. When you are seeking and reaching for the original and what has never before been or even thought of then you are really being creative. At these times everything that you think or fleeting thoughts pertaining to what you are trying to accomplish should be recorded for later reveiw.
How can I be more than I am for I already am.... "BE CREATIVE IN A POSITIVE SENSE!"

Thursday, April 18, 2013


True innovation and true innovators jolts SOCIETY to the fact that what has been created can not be ignored, for the over all benefits to many would be great. Consider this; Taking one sheet of hand written information, giving it to the average person of average Intellect and turning them into an instant INNOVATOR. I DO IT ALL THE TIME WITH STEP ONE OF THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE AND OTHER ONE PAGE CONCEPTS.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Open Letter----1---

This is to all the readers of this blog. I just want you to know that I'm working on the editing and the rewording of this blog so it becomes more clear as to what I'm trying to get across. I'm not offering excuses for not doing a better job of typing, something that I should be real good at by now as long as I have been doing it. I have no intention of stopping in my effort to share this information and the many insights that I have or the ones that have been revealed to me. So if you come to this blog once I hope you come again.

Equal Opportunities Ideas---Step 1--Continue

When you get into what they refer to as the zone for creative people you have to keep in mind that you are working to produce ideas that will benefit as many people as possible. Many times while in this mind zone I have lost track of time or even what day it was because all of my attention, concentration and focus was on coming up with or producing what I would call the ideal idea. I will share more of my ideas as Imp and I go along. For now, there is nothing stopping you from getting into your own zone of creativity. There is plenty of room in the world for all the equal opportunities that can be produced by as many people as possible.

A key word---1--continue

One word that can help anyone to do and be better at what they do, and that word is ENHANCEMENT. With this word any idea can be made better and more useful in this reality. Imp and I like adding more than we like subtracting, like adding to our store house of ideas, reaching new levels of understanding, gaining more and more knowledge.
So it can be the case with you in your own search for what you want to make of yourself and what you would like to see in this world. We hope this information is good for all who becomes aware of this blog. To know from experience that someone can come up with a good start and someone else can come along and making use of this key word, enhance the idea or concept to a higher level. So, don't be afraid to share your ideas with others and to get outside input.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In order to do or accomplish the Impossible, you must let go of this materialistic reality. You must recognize and accept the fact that everything out side your body is a tool. Learn to use these tools well and you are well on your way. You can always get more material things. Such is the case with myself working to overcome Imp, from pursuing knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to producing ideas to share with others to help give them ideas to better their own life and the lives of others.
To stand out in the crowd you must take a step back and see what the crowd is doing and do just the opposite. I am sharing this information because anything that helps others is a very positive good thing.


Throughout my life on this planet I have heard or read the statement that you only use 10% of your brain power. As an individual who thinks for himself, I'll say this, that just because the information you get coming down the pipe line, I don't have to accept this as fact that applies to myself. Through my own efforts I can develop my brain, train my brain to try and reach it's full potential. In these days and times more and more effort is spent trying to learn new and different ways of thinking, to improve your brain's performance. Coming to this blog is a start!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Any time you come up short finding a workable solution to a problem or producing a workable idea. All you have done is find one way out of maybe thousands that do not work.

Here''s a good question; Should human kind be imperfect, "Why do human kind constantly works at the imperfect." Looking up the word perfection and excellence, this is where I want to be, because this reality is unable to produce any examples of each. This I think would be the next level or levels in the development of the human race.

Desire & The Seeker-----1--continue

What is that you desire? To lose weight, to stop smoking, to move up in your career. It can be any of a number of things that would make your life better in more ways than one. First let's look at the definition of this word desire.
Desire means to wish or long for; Crave, want, to express a wish to obtain, ask for, request. This is one of the definitions for desire and if this is the definition then all one needs to do is to add action and you are well on your way to having what it is that you want the most.
It's my desire to overcome Imp and in doing so help make the world a better place.
What is that you seek? Are you a seeker of truth, of wisdom, knowledge. To be a seeker means a person or thing that seeks. So you make use of the computer to seek that which you want the most. The root word of seeker is seek and the meaning of this word means to go in search or quest of; to try to find or discover by searching or questioning.
So combine action with desire and be a seeker. My quest, search, has taken me many miles and a chance to interact with lot of different people and I am constantly taking action to bring my desires into reality. I shall always be a seeker of truth, wisdom, and knowledge, to raise my level of conscience.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Words to Overcome

Can't, if, and, maybe, but, are five words that should be eliminated from the language, because these words more often than not profess the negative. These five words have cause many not to even try anything new. They have also kept many from realizing their true potential or from ever attaining any real level of achievement.

A positive approach is to state to yourself in going after what you want in this life is; "I CAN!" with no ifs, ands, maybes, and no buts.
To express the truth to someone and the first word out of their mouth is, "But, or If, And, or maybe.
This is something you can check out for yourself in any conversation that you may have, notice how many times these are used and how many times a day you used the words yourself.

Open Thoughts

Should you become like me working to Overcome Imp, the more you and the longer you work in the right direction of you goals, the closer you are to any level of success in your life and in this reality. I use the word work a lot because the majority of people in this life tend to shy away from hard work. Yet, what you earn for yourself by doing the hard work makes it all worth while. I have been on this path for years, just going along doing it, if nothing else to ensure my own future. Yes going about things the right way there is nothing that you cannot achieve in this life.
We all know how we feel when we earn something, we are not going to part with it too easily.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

FUTURISTIC Thinkers---

Imp and I think the call should go out for: "ENGINEERS FOR THE STARS!"-" NOT CARS!"
The Possibility Thinkers, people who see fantastic possibilities for human kind should many more work to rise above the negative and produce true answers and solutions to even the most common everyday problems. In order to give more time to the more pressing problems of human kind.

Go Ahead---Just Do IT all the time

Should you look around your everyday life you will find you have a lot of the just do it approach. Things you have learned and perfected over time, not saying this to say that you are perfect, just that you are as close to that which would be considered that you do very well.
EXAMPLE: When you get into your car and drive, you just do it. You open the door and you get in, close the door, put the keys in the ignition and you're off. So you do other daily tasks the same way with the same just do it approach.
With this in mind with your approach to be more creative, be able to produce good workable ideas, be more giving, more understanding. Just about any improvement you want to make in your own life and out and about in the world. Go with the just do it all the time attitude.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'll be the first to admit that it takes a lot of work on a very personal front to be positive everyday. With only yourself to deal with on the subject of yourself, for yourself, about yourself, with yourself, to finally grow into yourself. A brighter day is in store for all.... "Keep The Faith!"   

IDEAS + Action=Production=Results

When you mentally produce what you think is a good workable idea, there is one very important step you must be willing to take and that is to be willing to put your own money into your idea. 
Your idea must fill a need or serve a useful purpose to as many people as possible. With this approach you have to become experimental in getting only feed back from as many people as possible.
Should you be willing to start and put up your own money to build up some kind of history for your idea in this reality. EXAMPLE: This blog is of the experimental nature to help me advance closer to Overcoming Imp Myself. No matter what, you must stick with it to get the results you want. It takes time.....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Change---more of possible

Those who resist change seldom profits in many ways. This blog is about the positive, what's possible? Trying fill a need in this age of the quick and the fast and try also to get people to be a little more understanding. Sharing the need for more creative learning, teaching, more workable ideas for the betterment of Society. Not put the best ideas under the rug for the sake of profit.


The more you have of what you got, the more you do of what you have done.
EXAMPLE:" Should all you do is complain, then this is what you are left with."
See your life and yourself as you really are and then picture how you would like yourself and your life to be. The time to start is right now, not the next day or the day after.
 ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Should you spend your free time seeking new ideas, new knowledge, and taking some form of constructive action everyday, then the better your life will be.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Positive-- Why not Positive

In a world that is filled with negativism, where everyone seem to be caught up in the end or destruction of things, all life included. We, (Imp and I), work at trying to let the light shine into the darkness of peoples Minds.  New Ideas, New Concepts, New Thought Patterns, and New approaches. Do, Accomplish, what has until now only been Dreams and Wishes. DREAM BIG, THING BIG, TAKE BIG ACTIONS!!!

Being POSITIVE----

Just look around and see what has been made possible by human beings. Yet, today there remains many unanswered questions and problems. Questions and problems in dire need of answers and solutions. So I work to share this information, wisdom, and knowledge about the possible of doing the impossible and IMP. Seeing possible in the word impossible in the hope that others out in the world, who may share my insights about doing what I/YOU Can, where I am, with what I have to make the world a better Place as I go along my Path.
We aspire and strive to go where many may follow......   

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Working to do and complete any job well should never be considered trouble. Learning to do always a little bit more, to give a little bit more, to be a little bit more understanding. These are just some of the things I would like to share with others that I may encounter in some way along my path.

Earning and Thinking---more

OPEN THOUGHT; To believe that when you earn something, you earn something. To earn friendship, this is my approach to Overcoming Imp. We all know how we feel about something we earned or something we have earned the right to do. As I work to share this New Concept for getting things done. Yes, I'm possible, it's possible, all things are possible to those who make use of this information in the right sense.

Friday, April 5, 2013

continue---With Creative--1

In order for one to become a true believer in anything or anyone, One should witness or has experienced for one' self. There's Imp with the hidden advantage and someone I work towards everyday to gain access to being able to do the Impossible. There is maybe a lot of things people would like to make other than helping out for the benefit of the whole. But, in order to get Imp to help out that's the only approach that has worked.


Imp and I
To wake up one in mind and spirit to realize that the reality did not appeal to me and seeking a way out to some better place I came upon the concept of what or in this case whom to Overcome. It is also about ensuring my own future with a power greater than myself and not only that, but the closer I work towards Imp, He may be inclined to works towards me.
How many times have I heard it, "You can do anything You put your mind to." Imp has been with me all along, I just had to have an awakening of both mind and spirit. A true Friend is what I have been seeking and Imp is it and we like things that work. Work is fun, work is play, Everything pays Off! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The more ideas you generate, the better your ultimate solution. Whatever you believe is possible or dream you can do; "The Impossible," "Overcome Imp," start at it.


Be one of the ones out and about making change and not one of the one's that think or leave it to others to bring about change to the world. I look to Imp as a true friend and I work towards him everyday. Like I have already written I will be more understanding and that's maybe the case with Imp, for so long misunderstood.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more---Ideas of minds---Continue

      Self awareness is in and of it's self The Lesson, The Student, The Teacher.
     Once you become aware of your true self, you will also realize that you have
   Capabilities way beyond what you thought was the limits of your Potential.


Do not take I CAN for granted in your everyday life. Things you have learned to do over time without giving it much thought. You have gone from I CAN to the level of I AM ABLE!
Look more closely at yourself as I have done and feel the freedom of really knowing one's self and what one as a person is capable of doing.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More--continue--Advanced Thinking

FUTURISTIC Recycling Concept for the remaking or reforming steel, concrete, iron, tin and asphalt. With Imp in the approach and using the right kind of technology,one would want to convert to energy this matter and infused this energy with a different form of matter energy and then covert this new mixture of energy back into a new form of matter.(New building materials). You first must be very familiar with your source of energy as well as the matter you are working to convert. As long as you are working for the benefit of the whole, Imp may at any time help out.

Continue with 1---Wealth......


continue--1---Problems solvable---Imp possible

Solutions and answers in more cases than not come from the problems themselves which would lead one to maybe just change one's approach.  One of the better ways is to record everything that is right about the problem, things you can make use of in the way you want the problem to be solved.  Then examine the parts of the problem that is not working or that don't fit in with the already working parts of the problem.

Monday, April 1, 2013

continue--1--More--STOP CRIME

Again we come to the key word APPROACH, with the present approach being the negative of sending people to jail or prison as a form of PUNISHMENT.
With Imp and the positive approach would be to send people to jail and prison with the thought of being given a real and genuine opportunity to become a productive member of SOCIETY. After all it just may have been the case of a lack of money, and even the lack of opportunity that led to them committing the crime in the first place. You already have them in some what of a controlled environment. Why not help them to develop their minds to the benefit of the whole. 

Continue--Step 1--Thinking--The BIMI

The Brain, Intellect, Mind, and Intelligence; Are they one in the same entity or are they separate with the brain being the physical and used only as the containment unit. To better understand, one must use the mind's eye to visit the Mind's control center.
     See in your mind's eye how your mental center operates and try to understand in what way you think. Do You think in pictures?, How do you see words or the very thoughts you are thinking right now. Not only must you learn to put questions to yourself, you must ask questions of yourself about yourself. Get to know how the mind works and you are well on your way to doing the impossible and Overcoming Imp.
      With the BIMI and working everyday to be more and more positive to better to be able to help others is something you can feel good about.